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From the moment I made an appointment over the phone with a woman named Anabel I knew I was going love this dentist office AND I did! The entire staff was welcoming and made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked through the door! The wait was fast and the Dr.'s had that magic touch you only wish for in a dentist ! I was in and out in no time! Thank you la habra dental! So glad I found my new dentist office !!! I suggest this place to every and any one !!!!

Yelp Justine V

I can't say enough about La Habra Dental Care. Dr. Michael and the entire staff are simply AMAZING!!! I love that they are open 7 days a week until 7pm!!!
My husband was the first one to use their services and he is so happy with their work that now the entire family goes there.
So if you are looking for a great dental office you need to look no further. La Habra Dental Care is the Best you will find.

Yelp Maria R

Honestly the best dental office I've ever been to. First of all the interior is painted the most fantastic shade of green. Very relaxing. They give you gifts if you're a first time patient. They have free cookies. And when I walked in they were playing Star Wars: A New Hope. Nuff said.

Oh, and they took really good care of my teeth, haha

Yelp Spenser T

Wow! Best denist ever! No one likes going to the denist but I actually am looking forward to my next visit.
My wisdom teeth have been coming in for a few years, I knew they would eventually have to be taking out. Due to the way they were coming in it cause a tear in my gums that started to get infected. I couldn't get an appointment with my regular denist so called La Habra, since their the only place near me that is open on Sundays.
I was in and out in under 90 minutes, including x-rays, extraction and sutures, plus didn't feel a thing!
Dr. and staff were super nice. Bonus they have TV'S in every room to help keep you distracted. Played Guardians of the Galaxy! In waiting room playing original Star Wars movies.
Will definitely be back and recommend to everyone I know.

Yelp Nikki M

Had a great experience here, I started having pain in my left cheek Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon it was just unbearable! Went to get checked out but the bottom tooth was too close to the nerve that they send me to Dr. Adrian Acosta for the nearest available time. Monday I went in and was amazed by how kind and welcoming the staff were. Maria showed me to the room and talked me through the procedure and well as what to do post surgery. She was very nice and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Acosta was incredible and I felt safe in his care. He showed me the x-ray and gave me info on the procedure as well as possible risks and such. He had some difficult with the bottom wisdom tooth but successfully removed it all. He would periodically stop and ask if I was okay and I thought that was awesome. Overall it was just a great experience and very professional. I will definitely be coming back!

Yelp Omar H

Once again, another great experience with a dentist. Three times in a row. I am totally convinced that La Habra Dental Care truly care about all their customers. They make you feel comfortable by taking the time to explain everything in advance, answer all my questions, and most important, do an outstanding job. Since I went to La Habra Dental Care for the first time to take care of some neglected teeth, I brought my daughter, and she loved it too. Next, I am going to bring the entire family. All doctors, assistants, hygienists and office staff are very nice and they care about you. Super highly recommended.

Yelp Ricardo M

i called and let them know i was in soooo much pain! i was pretty much crying. They saw me 40 mins later and took care of me with a root canal! PAINLESS! They even put a movie on for me to watch while they were working on my tooth. They're all so nice and friendly! i am definitely coming back!

Thank you so much La Habra Dental! you guys are rock stars!

Yelp Melany I

Just had my first appointment here. Everyone in the office was super nice. They really make you feel comfortable. Offered coffee or water while you waited. They even made cookies! The office is super cute and clean. Rooms are set up with two tvs so you can watch your choice of movie while getting your teeth done. Really helps take your mind off getting you teeth worked on! And you get a pretty good goodie bag your first visit.

Yelp Katie M

They are open 7 days!!!! I had this unexpected accident with my teeth. After just had it fix by the other dentist in the area, but they did such a horrible job with $500 I spend was just waste of money. I called them to fixed it but they have me 3 days to fix it!! Anyways, La Habra Dental Care was the solution to my incident. I'm so impressed with the customer service they given you. They handled everyone with care and Big Friendly Smile from everyone just makes the typical Scary Dentist Environment goes away! Also, they whole office very clean and Nice decor as well!! 5 stars!!

Yelp Sutida S

The facility is great, but the staff is even better.

La Habra Dental is a very modern dental practice with an knowledgeable and energetic staff. They made me feel right at home from my very first visit. Everything they do, they do with their patients in mind. They'll sit you down on your first visit to get to know you and assist you with your paper work.

The facility is very clean with state of the art equipment. You can even watch movies while they're working on you.

And with unheard hours of 7am-7pm, 7 days a week, I won't have to miss work.

Highly recommended

Yelp Brian C

For years... The dentist office has been my least favorite places to visit. Also for years...I had no insurance or the money, to visit a dentist Ultimately, my teeth have paid the price for this.
I found La Habra Dental through my sister when I had an emergency dental issue arise. She took me there and I have been going there ever since! With my sensitive teeth and fear of dentist & needles- they dealt with me with child's care. I will never forget that...because I appreciated it beyond words.
Dr Gonzales was great.
Now I am seeing Dr Acosta and I love him!!!!! He is amazing! I never seen or felt the needle and his calm demeanor, helped me to remain calm. I feel this most important part of this review- he never once made me feel embarrassed or shameful for the lack of care prior of my teeth. He is encouraging and helped me to believe that I can regain my smile and have the teeth I have always dreamed of. Step by step... We will reach my goal, and I am more than willing to take those steps under his care. I can't not wait, to get to that point!
La Habra Dental is a great place (+ they have movies)....and all the dentist there care and go out of their way to let you know it.

Yelp Kelly A

I'm so glad I'm a patient here. La Habra dental care just moved offices, and it's like I've died and gone to dental heaven. I thought the previous office was amazing before, but in contrast to their new office, the old office can't compare. The environment in the new La Habra Dental Care was carefully designed and chosen. The calm green walls are soothing and relaxing. The curtains are classy. The multiple TV monitors in every room surround you wall-to-ceiling with entertainment while you wait. The staff is very friendly and attractive. And there's always a contest going on with some amazing prize. I like the dentists here. They strive to treat their patients like Rockstars.

I definitely left the office today feeling as though I entered a 1st class health center. I would easily recommend La Habra Dental Care to all my friends and family. It's a privilege to be a patient here.

Yelp Trinidad

Dr. Michael is my hero!! I couldn't believe how many dentists bounced me around knowing I was in so much pain. Not La Habra Dental Care...I was seen right away (on a Sunday no less). Although I wasn't happy about a root canal retreat, - Dr. Michael saved my tooth!! Regardless of the tedious & lengthly process I was so happy!! The whole staff is amazing! I'm switching my whole family over!! Kudos to these amazing dentists and their wonderful staff!!

Yelp Louisa

  Happened to stumble upon this dentistry while looking for a new dentist. This place is amazing!

Great doctors and all the staff members are so incredibly polite. Need I say more?

I went in to for an exam, not knowing what to expect, since my teeth were hurting in some areas. Dr. Lee took care of me and very thoroughly explained that I had no cavities...just that I had to start taking better care of my teeth (she even took the time to show me different ways of brushing).

I wound up having a cleaning done the same day. I guess I found my new dentist. So happy to have found this place.

Will definitely be returning in 6 months 🙂

Yelp Tiffany C

  The best experience I've had with any sort of medical professional so far. Going to the dentist has always been a fear of mine but, Dr. Acosta and his staff are very good, if not, the best at what they do.

They took the time to explore the options and take care of the problem right away. Everyone I spoke to were kind, patient, friendly, welcoming, and it made my visit more pleasurable and relaxing.

What fears I've had of dentists in the past have been soothed (along with my tooth) by going to Dr. Acosta and his team. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for friendly and professional people to take care of their dental needs.

Yelp Carlo F

  Dr. Lee did my braces and I couldn't be happier with the results. I really like her a LOT! She is very dedicated and a perfectionist at her job (also very funny :D). Every visit was a breeze and Dr. Lee made sure to explain what was going on at all times and why she was doing the different adjustments. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get their treatment done right. This office is great, staff is friendly and always polite.

P.S: They bake daily fresh cookies for patients 8)

Jessica Walnut

  Great dental office. The facility is very clean and the staff is amazing. Kevin did a great job cleaning my teeth. When I come down to socal from SF, I make my way here to get the job done. They always remind me when it's time to come in for a checkup and it's easy to make an appointment. They do the job professionally with great skill and precision. My teeth feel rejuvenated and clean each time

Yelp Eugene H

  Awesome place!!!!
Sonora High Students love this place!!! Works well with kids as well as the community. Would recommend to anyone!!

Yelp Mari R

  I brought my 4 year old son today to see Dr. Lee. She is incredible with her treatment: from injecting the local anesthetic to fixing his cavities then the extractions. My son didn't even cry because she was so efficient and skillful. Her office is clean, modern and staffed with nice people. Esther was the dental assistant that helped out my son, she was fantastic also. I'm going to bring all my kids here as well as my wife.

Henry Hacienda

  Great dentist and dental practice. We have been coming here since my father-in-law passed three years ago (he was our dentist). It was hard to find a new place and our expectations for service and care were very high as one could imagine. We have been nothing but impressed with the service we have been given. You feel as if you are a friend, truly cared for and about. There is a "holistic" wellbeing vibe with the doctors and staff! The office is very community oriented- something important to us. We have a two year old and she has been her three times, great kid-friendly staff as well. I highly recommend coming here!

Yelp Amber G

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